Welcome to my world

Hi, I’m Chris Lenga
a Senior Developer.

As a Developer, I specialize in complete FiveM server builds and Discord bots. As a consultant, I assist content creators with setting up Discords which includes channels, permissions, integrations and automation. As an Investor, I invest in a diverse set of projects across many different types.


What I Do


As an experienced Consultant, I provide strategic guidance across various business domains. Leveraging my expertise, I offer actionable insights, tailored solutions, and assist in problem-solving, helping clients navigate their challenges and achieve their objectives efficiently.

FiveM Servers

As a specialist in FiveM Server Building, I expertly create immersive, high-performance servers for the FiveM platform. Leveraging my technical prowess, I deliver tailored gaming environments that are robust, responsive, and optimized for seamless player experiences.

Discord Servers

With proficiency in Discord Server setup, I design and implement efficient, user-friendly communities. My knowledge spans channel structure, integrations, permissions, and automation, ensuring a seamless and engaging environment that enriches user interaction and facilitates effective communication.

Community Management

As a proficient Community Manager, I excel in cultivating, engaging, and managing online communities. Utilizing exceptional communication skills and strategic engagement initiatives, I foster relationships, boost brand loyalty, and promote vibrant, active online spaces.

Data & Analytics

As a skilled Data Analyst, I translate complex datasets into actionable insights. By leveraging advanced statistical techniques, data visualization, and predictive modeling, I help drive strategic decision-making, optimize operations, and facilitate growth.

Game Testing

As an experienced game tester, I've participated in numerous alpha and beta testing processes, many of which are bound by non-disclosure agreements. I provide valuable feedback and bug reports to refine gameplay, mechanics, and overall user experience, adhering to strict confidentiality guidelines.


Who I work with

FreshenUp Energy

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I am proud to partner with NordVPN, a leader in online security and privacy. Supporting NordVPN aligns with my commitment to digital safety, and I'm excited to help more people protect their online presence with this exceptional service.

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Amazon Associate

I am proud to partner with Amazon Associates, offering a selection of products that I use or have personally tested and vouch for. Please note that the links around this site may provide me with a small commission at no extra cost to you. Supporting Amazon Associates allows me to share high-quality products that enhance your experience, and I'm excited to help you find the best gear for your needs.